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Top ten water fall in Thailand Part2

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Top ten water fall in Thailand Part2

5 Huay ka min Water fall, Kanchanaburi Province

This water fall is located at national park of srinakarin damn. This water fall is beside the famous lake of kanchanaburi province. With the condition of the structure that is limestone. Style of flowing of the water is very beautiful. This is 7 levels of water fall. There is the name of each level. Around the water fall have plants. Also, path for seeing water fall. The season that suitable for travelling is October until December. At the ground floor of water floor. Nature Park builds the house for tourist that is raft beside the lake.

4 Haew na rok water fall. Nakorn nayok Province

This water fall is in the south of Khao Yai Natural Park. You have to go to this water fall by walk about 2 kilometers. This is very big water fall. This is a 3 level of water fall. First level is height about 60 meters. After the stream flow from this level it will dash and flow to cliff of level two and level three in 90 degrees. For the height is more than 150 meters. In raining season water is very strong.

3 Mae Surin Water fall, Mae hong sorn Province

This is a water fall that greater and beautiful. Type of water fall is stream flow from cliff to below. The height is about 200-300 meters. Water is between valleys. If you stand at view point you can see the stream at opposite Nature Park. Nature Park is build pavilion in the top of the water fall to see the view. You can see how a beautiful of water falls. Tourists can travel to this water fall should go in November to December because you can see lotus on the pass way, water fall are far from entrance about 11 kilometers.

2 Mae Ya Water fall, Chiang Mai Province

This is water fall in Doi intanon. This is very big and beautiful water fall. Because of this is a cliff that height 280 meters. This water fall flow to the rocks that have many levels. It looks like a curtain. Flow and accumulate to the small pool below. The water fall is very clear. This is the rest of Chiang Mai. Around the water fall is in peace forest. In the water fall also have tourist information in this area. This is very clean water fall. This water fall is well managing area to suitable to environment.

1 Tee Ro Su, Tak Province

Tee ro su located in wildlife sanctuary ummpang. This is water fall far from office District Park about 3 kilometers. Tee ro su is native language that mean black water fall. This is big lime stone water fall that are high from sea level about 900 meters. This water fall is from yok lor stream. All of stream is fall to the high cliff. This water fall have strong water all year. This water fall width about 500 meters flow to level by level about 300 meters. This water fall is surrounding with rainforest. This is the sixth of biggest waterfall in Asia.

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