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New dimension of domestic airline

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Airline business is an indicator to show the growth of economic especially Thailand. If you see the fare of ticket that determine minimum and maximum. But after government is permit to have low-cost airline that generate to cancel minimum of fare ticket.

However, this is benefit to the passenger because the highest of fare ticket is not more than 13 baht per kilometers. But the problem of waste airport the problem is amount of passenger is not suitable for the size of airport. Airline have to cancel their flight because of that flight is not cover the expense.

Therefore, the solution that is size of the airplane should have between 19-30 seats. For the past we have to accept that have to used lone time because reason that to check the capital. Almost the problem that is companies are not ready to registered. Budget are not continue and not according.

Standard of school that teaches the pilot to the commercial airline is 3 places. This is not included the private school. That is BAC at Don mueng and College of aviation at Nokorn Pranom Province. Soon, At Nakorn Ratchasima will be the center of repairs the tool flying from the investment of Norway.

Now, is in the process of plan constructor of comment from department of forestry. If we ask about the abandoned airport the authority will say that Chumporn is the best way for the new airline because the province is mountain and beside the sea. Chumporn province has many attractive places.

Included to the Petchaboon province that have many province connected. For the province that have the airport if we would like the airline to use the airport the province should support also. For example, the province should guarantee the seat of airline and advertising and public relation for the entrepreneur.


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