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Don mung Airport (Old Bangkok Internatinal Airport)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

In the past Don Mueng Airport was wall know of the people who know Thailand and foreigner. In the position of base international and domestic airport in Thailand, therefore anyone who would to travel to anywhere (included Thailand) must have to use a service of Don Mueng Airport.

This Airport is a gateway to Thailand and Bangkok. Someone in Thailand think that the passenger who using Don Mueng Airport is only the passenger who want to coming to Thailand and Bangkok but also the passenger who using the airline in the partner of alliance was use Don Mueng airport to the base to transfer a passenger by not pass the customs.

Maybe the time to transfer is different so that generate to the number of passenger that use the Don Mueng airport is also have the passenger that is aboard passenger that coming to Thailand and the passenger that are only transfer.

Don Mueng is the airport that Thai people know very well that because the low number of commerce airport in Thailand and identity of building in the don Mueng airport that look very old that because the long life time that been used.

If you see on the TV for this building you will know that this is Don Mueng airport. Another point of identify of Don Mueng airport is the people who standing in front of the building who want to waiting for their passenger.

There have a driver Limousines of the hotel and Guide tour. Their will show the paper that have a list of passenger or the name of their company. They will waive their paper to make the passenger know their company. Another people that wait for passenger are the relative of the passenger.

The another identify of this airport is iron rack that arrest from passenger and the people who wait for the passenger. Nowadays, Don Mueng airport is still using but not for base of the airport in Thailand anymore. Don Mueng airport is only using for the domestic low cost airline only.

Airlines that use this airport are Nok Air and One-two-Go (Orient Thai) only. Apart from this will use new airport of Bangkok (Suwanabhumi airport).

People who would like to visit Don Mueng airport is very easy from the Royal View Resort Hotel. Just 30 Minute by car to the airport and many bus line from the Victory Monument also.

Passenger who come aboard can stay at Royal View Resort the go to Don Mueng Airport to use Low cost airline to go to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, Hat yai  etc.


Editor’s Note:

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