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Top ten water fall in Thailand Part1

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Thailand is the tourists counter that have many beautify nature.  So, that it have many kind of nature in Thailand. One of beautiful thing is water fall. So, I will example of Top ten beautiful water fall in Thailand.

10-Kunpong Water fall, Loei province

This is water fall that place at phu kra dueng Natural Park. This is the largest of water fall in phu kra deueng. It located in western of phu kran dueng. It consists of many steams from heaven stream praong stram etc. This is the water fall that located in rain forest. This is closed forest. So it can travel only in summer. If you want to come to this water fall you have to ask for permission from Natural Park. Because you have to walk through rain forest distance about 10 kilometers. You will see maple will change from green to red. It will fall around the water fall. It will make visitors very impressive and this is the sign of phu kra dueng. Maples will change colors in begin of December.

9-Kruching Water fall, Nakorn Sri Tammarath Province

This water fall located in khao lueng Natural Park. This is water fall that very beautiful and this is a headwater Nakorn Sri Tammarath and near province. Kruching is plant of palm. It grow a lot is ara of khao lueng Natural Park. Visitors have to walk to see how big of water fall about 1 hour. For round-trip is about 3 hours. Some route is very extremely step but not too much, novice can walk to see water fall for sure.

8-Pleaw Water fall, Chan ta buri Provice

Nam tok pleaw Natural Park is cover the area of Amphur Mueng, Amphur Lamsing etc.  in Chantaburi Province. These areas have a high mountain and a header of stream. This is unique of nature. This water fall is flutter and have a lot of water all of the year. This is know of the people that far from city of Chantaburi province of 14 kilometer. The road is very good make very comfortable of travel. People will like to rest in this water fall.

7-Erawan Water fall, Kanchanaburi Province

Erawan is the interesting water fall that very close to Bangkok. But almost people are not interesting it. Because of 7 level of water fall that have a limestone of ingredient. It also has green pool in water fall. You can see many fish in this pool. Apart from Erawan water fall have many tourist would like to visit. It makes comfortable to travel from Kanchanaburi province to Erawan water fall. You can go to route number 3199 and you can access the electricity authority. So that you cross to the srinakarin dam and cross to market of sri nakarin market then you will access to erawan natural park.

6-Tam sao dao, Cahntaburi province

This water fall is in the area of khao sao dao wildlife conservation area. It divine to 15 level of water fall. It the water fall area have many type of butterfly and many plants. This area is complete forest. I have 2 peaks of mountain that are north sao dao and south sao dao. The height is 1556 meter from the sea. This is origin of the stream flow to this water fall. It is among of the forest that still nature. The tourists have to walk to see this water fall and staff of this Nature Park will lead you to the water fall. It very excited because you have to climb water fall height about 20 meters that are very huge and beautiful.

To be continue……


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