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Home stay on Yao Noi Island is the master of success.

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

For the famous of the community hotel on Yao Noi Island is getting the rewards to the people. For the reward is the reward for taking care of destination of travelling.

This reward is from World Legacy award from national geographic magazine. This is 1 of 3 of the reward for safeguard the world heritage. Also, this is a guarantee that value of masculinity of community. This is together with conservation resource of the coast of Thailand.

Fishing village and keep the way of life on Yao Noi island is do the best until now.  From the destroying of nature and fighting to rape a resource but after that the problem is solved.

Next goal is to make a visitor to know the way of life of the village in Yao Noi that 80% is a fisher. However after the tourism access to Yao Noi island a destroying of nature has been occur. For the native that join the home stay must to perform the rule. Native can told the story to the visitor that about how to keep the coast of Thailand.

Native must to fishing with the law. Accommodation must to clean and safe. Bathroom and toilet must to have system to support. From the reward that Yao noi island received it generate to people know this island better. For the point of sale of Yao Noi Island is to touch the way of life of Muslim community and other the way of life on the island.

Besides, on the island id divined the zone for the west of island that is mangrove forest 4 kilometers lone and filed 1500 rai. For the management of home stay on Yao Noi Island all of 30 home stay not have the fixed method but for the solution is making the equal for the revenue for reduce the problem that is vie the customers.

All of 100 baht of home stay will give to reforestation. Although the revenue from tourism of community average that 5-6 ten thousand baht per year is not too much because of core earning is from fishing.

However, home stay will make friend and unity to the community. However, garbage problem is the big problem for Yao Noi Island. The solving problem of Yao Noi people is recycling instead of landfill.


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